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Intro to Managed Mobile Devices Video

We have been monitoring a trend in your behavior over the past few years.  Most of you are not content with just a computer. To quench your growing thirst for information, smartphones and tablets have become an extension of your hands.

Hackers have also been watching and are now targeting your smartphones and tablets.  They are becoming successful developing viruses, application hijacks, phishing attacks and other types of malware for portable devices.  To counter their efforts, ACS now provides enterprise-grade endpoint security for your mobile devices. We use the same excellent platform that is protecting our client’s workstations and servers.

There are a few reason cybercriminals target your financial logins and other valuable data on mobile devices.  They know how much we use our Androids and Apple devices to complete purchases and online banking.  They also know how we fail to secure these devices and often unknowingly install malicious applications making their job even easier.

Have you ever had your smartphone or tablet lost or stolen?  Your data in the wrong hands can result in overwhelming stress and financial loss.  That is why we include a remote lock and data wipe capability in our Mobile Management plan.

In order to encourage your participation in our Managed Mobile Devices, we are offering this to you for only $2.99 per month.  As a free bonus, we will install a remote access application to provide technical support when needed for your portable devices.

Protection is just a phone call away!   610-461-4627 or 717-417-4500