Considering today’s cyber-attacks, it is vital that all businesses develop a strong lineup of cyber-defense tools, not just a barebones firewall and antivirus. ACS has developed a second layer of cybersecurity that will effectively protect your business.

For our “Managed Services” clients, you already have the foundational elements in place:

  • Secure Helpdesk - never permit a technician to connect to your computer that you do not trust
  • Managed Threat Detection and Response - stop threats and remediate systems automatically
  • Strict Patching Policies - close security gaps in operating system and installed applications
  • Remote Monitoring and Management - proactive monitor each endpoint on the network
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - If your users are the first line of defense, backup and disaster recovery is your last. In the event that a threat gets through and wreaks havoc on your network and endpoints (for example, ransomware encrypts all your data), you need to be able to restore everything from secure backup quickly and easily, so you can keep business downtime to the absolute minimum.

The time has come to implement three new vital elements as a second layer of defense:

3 Minute Overview Video

  • Strict Password Policies - including complex passwords, frequently changed, and properly stored with two-factor authentication quickly becoming the norm
  • Security at the Network Layer - a MANAGED FIREWALL effectively blocks the frequent DNS-based attacks which result in significant downtime and financial loss
  • Educate and Empower Your Staff - as your strong first line of defence 
    • The best security in the world can’t protect a business if your own employees unwittingly open the door to cybercriminals by clicking a phishing link. With ongoing training, computer users are much less likely to fall for a phishing attempt.

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